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Course Outline

What Should I Expect from Connext Nation Referral Pursuit?

The Connext Nation® Referral Pursuit program is a 10 week course delivered in 2 hour sessions. Our mission is to help our participants build and be a part of building a referral community, giving and getting qualified referrals, all day, everyday, all year long. Each week is a new chapter and a new set of important skills.

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Please read this guidebook before starting your journey.

1Finding the Game Piece that is You. Creating a Personal Brand.
Discover what is uniquely you; what makes you stand apart from the rest of the crowded business scene. The starting point is not networking, but figuring out who you are and what you offer and why you offer it. This is the foundation of the course.
2What Does Your Perfect Client Look Like?
Clarify for yourself and then for your referral sources, exactly who your best customer is. Who needs to hear your unique message? Now that you have an idea of what sets you apart from all the others in your market, who are you going to sell that uniqueness to?
3Developing Referral Sources
Get to know the referral sources you already have in your network. It is important for you and your business to connect and/or reconnect with people that are already in your current networks.
4Developing Helpful Relationships
Develop stronger relationships with people currently in your network and to initiate new relationships with people not yet in your network, by giving you tools to develop, measure and maintain those connections.
5Selecting, Training, Maintaining and Measuring a Teammate
Select the strongest relationships and then use a formalized training to develop advocates. Then focus of these high level relationships is for each of you to become a sales person for each other.
6Expanding Your Resources
Network less but gain more results. Know where and how to network to so that you can spend more time working and less time networking.
7Getting and Giving Help
Helping your referral sources to help you! The mantra that all business people need to have ready in their vocabulary is, “What can I do for you?” or “How can I help you?”
8Equipped to Speak and Win
Speak with power and passion about your business. One great way to get the word out about your expertise is to become known as an expert in your field.
9Building on Social Media
This is not a chapter about how to “do” social media, but a section on how to develop stronger relationships using social media as the tool to do so.
10Marketing at Community Events
Become memorable enough that people think of you when the opportunities arise. To obtain a desired result, (more of something) a plan or set of directions must be set in place. Utilize your new skill set and succeed.