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What Graduates Say About Connext Nation

  • Samantha Stainbrook

    “I just wanted to tell you that taking your class really helped me with preparation for my speaking last week. As soon as I started taking I felt confident with how I presented it! I said my ``why`` and it is so crazy how my ``why`` is still expanding and light bulbs still are going off!”

  • Beth Boehr

    “I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to retake my class last year. YES, I do review my notes, I have used some of my class materials as a resource for myself several times this year! It was an incredible opportunity, class and I just loved the gals that I was with!”

  • Tonya Anderson, The Future of A.C.N.

    “After taking your class, my calendar has been filling up more and more. I have become more aware of the importance of being interested in the needs of other people. As a result of that thinking I believe that I have become a lot more attractive. I have gotten more customers than I have in a calendar month in a long time. My approach to building my organization has improved because I am keenly aware of the power of target marketing. I have been able to coach more effectively as I teach my partners what they need to do to have success in our business. I have also began to make a lot of new friends that I didn't have before I've completed your class. I have let go of old hang ups and thoughts that people were pre judging me. I believe I was the one that was pre judging people. I have remained open minded and because of that I know that my 2016 will be the most productive year in my career since the late nineties.”

  • Crystal Jordan, NOIC

    “I want to thank both of you for starting the “self awareness” process at N.O.I.C. I had nothing but positive comments about all the classes form the attendees. We are so lucky to have had both of you teach us your valuable tips and common sense information. I think you two did an awesome job on such a short notice. Hopefully this concept of going into businesses and doing the mini workshops will propel your future endeavors! Thank you for making me look like hero. You did me an awesome favor. I owe both of you.”

  • Julie Cantu

    Wow, I’ve really learned a better way of doing business through CN! The power of a focused, specific target market produces amazing results. I really struggled with that concept in Module 1, but now that I’m on the other side, I’ll never look back again. Taking the CN Class was the best business decision I’ve made yet!

  • Jessica Smith, Comfort Keepers

    The class truly helped me in some way every week. There was always at least one nugget of wisdom from each class that I was able to use immediately in the real world. Maybe the most impact-full was the setting of goals for each networking event and the work sheet provided makes it easy to do. I was able to get 4 great referrals in one event compared to the past where I was getting 1 good referral every other event. The class helped me find out more about myself, my customers and my networking partners. I definitely believe I can network less and gain more.

  • Merri Bame

    Now that I have a system to rely on for business growth, I know who to go to (thanks to module 2) and which steps to take (thanks to module 5) to gain high quality referral business. My client base is 37% higher and my referral pipeline has grown 50% since I began implementing the CN system!

  • Kim Welter, Program Manager

    I found the CN program instrumental in helping me both widen my horizons around who might make good collaborative partners and potential donors as well as focusing my efforts in a way that allows me to make the most of my very limited time. These skills have made it much easier for me to serve my constituents in a meaningful, successful manner that would not have been possible otherwise.

  • Bill Steele, HIREarchi

    Thanks to my Connext Nation class end of 2010 my business has increased over 200 percent! We are a national virtual architectural office with one architect and four part time draftsmen. From our experiences with Debby Peter’s Connext Nation course we are now more focused on our target markets and know how to handle ourselves in most networking situations. We strongly recommend this course.

  • Arlene Gerig, RE/Max

    As a Realtor with RE/MAX Preferred, I am an independent contractor with lots of support as far as the RE/MAX name recognition but very little monetary support. I am responsible for all of my expenses plus RE/MAX national and local fees, local multiple fees and continuing education which can get quite expensive. With the help and the benefits of CN, I am able to network more proficiently and zero in on my target client. CN has also helped me to develop skills needed to develop referral partners which is particularly necessary in this current real estate climate.

  • Angie Weid, Organized Solutions

    The purpose I took the CN program was to develop the fundamental skills to create a successful business. In the end, I learned that creating relationships with others and helping other businesses grow through developed referrals is essential to the success of my business. From module 5–Activating Your Referral Network, I developed my “Overview of My Services” sheet. This is a great tool I use when presenting my business to my referral sources. It allows them to see what I do, who my target market is, type of referrals I am looking for and questions to ask potential clients. The CN program has brought in 83% of my clients this past year. Module 6 taught me to teach my referral sources about my business to the point they are doing the sale for me. Now, 91% of the clients I meet hire me. That is so cool!

  • Joani Donovan

    The CN Program has given me a proven way to track business. I have been implementing the program for 1 year now and I know the importance of developing relationships with referral partners (Mod 5) but I also realized that by being visible and credible (Mod 2), has helped me gain new clients and increased my business by 62%. I am now at the profitable stage and I am still enjoying meeting people, making connections and making money! Thanks CN!

  • Leah Beck

    …much has happened in my development as a business owner these past six months. I have been able to achieve a firm level of clarity and confidence that has positioned me to market my services comfortably. In line with this, I recently decided that I was ready to look into BNI. This morning I went to my first BNI meeting and despite my newness found myself fully prepared and at ease with my surroundings. Though the group I visited is likely not the best fit for me, I am committed to visiting other groups until I find the right fit.

    “When I left the meeting, I found myself inside one of those pure gratitude moments. I thought about all that I have learned and gained from CN and how it has been worth every dime spent. A year ago, I attempted to go to a BNI meeting in Monroe and found myself sitting in the parking lot unable to go in. This morning I attended a meeting with great confidence knowing exactly what I was able to offer and receive as a part of a networking organization.

    “I want to thank you so sincerely for the CN program and the education and wisdom both of you have given me. I know that I am successful and I know why. I am ready to fly!

  • The Chocolate Shoppe

    Debra Greenley Gornman

    CN taught me the importance of developing relationships with decision makers. More importantly, I came away with tools and ideas on exactly how to find decision makers and how to develop a lasting business relation with them. I use these skills everyday while working with current customers and developing new ones.

  • Richard Chamberlain

    I have been involved in networking for my business for the past 12 years, and thought that my networking skills were pretty good. I’ve been a member of BNI for most of those 12 years, and felt that I didn’t need to take the CN class because I already knew what I needed to know about networking. When the economy took a hit, my business suffered, and I knew that I needed to start doing things differently. I finally took the plunge and signed up for the CN class. Boy, do I wish that I had done that years ago! I thought that I was a good networker, but I quickly learned in CN that I had only been scratching the surface of my networking possibilities. The CN class taught me how to ask better questions of the people in my networks so I can learn how to help them better, and how to be more effective in making referrals to them. I also learned how to develop deeper, more intentional referral relationships with key networking partners, and I’ve seen tremendous improvement in the results of my networking efforts as a result.

  • David W. Achen, CLU

    I am a MetDESK Specialist, MetLife’s Division of Estate Planning for Special Kids. I help families with the legal and financial issues as they pertain to planning for the future. CN has helped me learn how to identify a target market and develop my business. When I went through CN class, I was taught that your Target Market is the cake and everything else is the frosting. Now, that I understand that, 60% or more of my business comes from my target market.

  • Allison Hammons

    This class showed me how to grow my business by having great relationships and not having to go by the book of old school cold calling.

  • Darlene Knapp, CPA

    When times are tough in the business world, we have to realize that there is plenty of business for us all, if you work hard enough to find it. This means, thinking of others before yourself, always asking “How can I help you?” and you must differentiate yourself from competitors in a unique way, and finally be specific in what you are asking for, so you can bypass the gatekeeper and get right to the decision maker. These are all of the qualities that I learned in the CN course and have built upon them for the past four years.

  • Avis Files, Cherry Street Mission

    When I was asked to take the course I knew it was a challenge from our President and CEO Dan Rogers, I knew this because I know him. When I attended the first session I was a little unsure about it because there were all business people in the room and I was the only Social Service Provider present. Well I’ve been in Social Services for 18 years and sometimes you can get caught up and forget why you do what you do and the reason as well. The class helped me through the Emotional Based Marketing (EBM) really tap into the reason why I still believe and know that people can change their lives. The class was like getting a fire started again- focusing in on my target market and my EBM was like a little spark that then got fanned every week and is now flaming again- I still everyday think about this is why I do what I do and it keeps me much more focused, calm and relaxed knowing that if I can live a life of transformation so can our guest. Thank you CN for taking a burned out person and igniting a spark that is now a flame again. I am grateful for the course and I look forward to participating in the future.

  • Mary W. Simmons

    When I took the CN class in 2007, it was like having a series of aha moments because previously I had been in education teaching math. I took the course because I wanted to get my financial services business off to a stronger start. I knew that being in business was different than being in education. It helped me know how to approach people and how to be approachable. It helped me understand the value of networking in becoming a resource person to help other business persons. Much to my surprise it was there that I identified my target market as the trucking industry. There have been more light bulbs going off as I have learned to know and appreciate the issues and concerns the trucking industry faces. Although it should not be amazing, it still wows me when sharing my target market results in a referral.

  • Nathan Vandenbroek

    The portion I had the greatest results and success from is the chapter on being as specific as possible. There isn’t a single person who knows someone named anyone or someone so I had to think about what my business does and who I helped. This has taken me to new heights and has made me a key asset to the corporate wellness world after I decided I was going to focus on businesses and lowering their health insurance expenses. Because of that I am one of the only non-insurance certified wellness coach through the Ohio Health Underwriters Association!

  • Barbara Wilson

    I am currently taking the Connext Nation course to enhance my skills personally and as a business owner. While working through chapter 2, we spent time discussing and narrowing down our target markets. After identifying the characteristics of my target market, I knew that I wanted to focus on clients who contracted with our business for a package of services per month versus the hourly services that we also offered. As we moved into the next week, I tweaked verbiage on our website to highlight more of the packages than the hourly offerings. I also met with a potential new client that week and while discussing pricing and options, I spoke only of the packages and not the hourly option. Before Connext Nation, I would have quickly offered the hourly option in hopes of “making the deal”. Now that I have a better understanding of the type of clients that will work best for my business, there is no second guessing myself when I don’t offer the hourly option. Connext Nation has given me the extra boost of confidence I needed to take that step and know that my business will be successful in the end.

  • Jack Moses, Yark Auto

    The class truly helped me in some way every week. There was always at least one nugget of wisdom from each class that I was able to use immediately in the real world. Maybe the most impact-full was the setting of goals for each networking event and the work sheet provided makes it easy to do. I was able to get 4 great referrals in one event compared to the past where I was getting 1 good referral every other event. The class helped me find out more about myself, my customers and my networking partners. I definitely believe I can network less and gain more.

  • John-Mark Valo, Aflac

    The CN course has given me a “roadmap” on how to effectively foster existing business relationships so they are mutually beneficially. Having a targeted and concise message has made all the difference for receiving those great referrals. The CN course has been an invaluable experience and has given me a foundation for future networking.

  • Sandy Pirwitz, BNI

    The most meaningful part of CN to me was the incredible value of developing relationships, including knowing whom to develop those relationships with. My life has been enriched by using that skill in both my professional and personal lives and I enjoy teaching the value of it to others

  • Jeff LaCourse

    Word of mouth marketing course taught me that in order to develop a referral network, you have to know how to develop strong individual relationships. The course gave me the essential tools and ideas I needed to strengthen the relationships I had and to build new ones.

  • Colleen Robinson, Re/Max

    As a Realtor® I am responsible for promoting my business and meeting my continuing education requirements. With the current economy I have become more cautious than usual in spending money. I got much more than I anticipated from the CN Program. Not only did I satisfy my elective CE courses I have tracked new business gained by using the tools I learned in the program and I have more than paid for the class in just a few months. I am thrilled with the success I have had since completing the program.

  • Mary Ann Mills, Re/Max

    I found CN extremely beneficial not just learning the correct way of networking, but building lasting relationships. Then they became referral partners which continue to build today. I have made lifelong friends and business connections thanks to CN.

  • Bob Werner

    Bob Werner, Re/Max

    At networking events, the topic ALWAYS gets to how bad the market is. People are surprised that for some (like me), it’s a great time. If you have the current facts and figures, you are viewed as an expert who can be referred to friends. (Oh, by the way, competition is actually going down. Realtors, who were used to the easy money with little work, are starving and getting out of the business or going to part time.)