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Referral Pursuit

Play. Build. & Win.

Referral Pursuit

If you want to learn how to network, build a word-of-mouth marketing campaign, or just hone your networking skills, then Connext Nation’s Referral Pursuit is perfect for you! Referral Pursuit is a ten week two hour session course that takes you on a journey of self discovery that will benefit you both personally and professionally.

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Connext Nation Referral Pursuit: Your Networking How-To Guide

The Tools You Need to Succeed.

This eleven week course provides you with everything that you need to succeed in networking. Each week provides you with new tools and skills to help you become a better networking partner.

Become Confident and Empowered

Are you ready to become more confident when networking? With CN you will feel empowered to reach your potential and get excited about networking.

Classes are Just the Beginning

Our classes are just the beginning of your relationship with Connext Nation. After the class you can attend our wonderful community events, participate in online discussions, and even become a part of our group email list.

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Still not sure if Referral Pursuit is right for you? Attend one of our Mini Courses to learn more!

  • Jack Moses, Yark Auto

    The class truly helped me in some way every week. There was always at least one nugget of wisdom from each class that I was able to use immediately in the real world. Maybe the most impact-full was the setting of goals for each networking event and the work sheet provided makes it easy to do. I was able to get 4 great referrals in one event compared to the past where I was getting 1 good referral every other event. The class helped me find out more about myself, my customers and my networking partners. I definitely believe I can network less and gain more.